Cooperative of various industries that continue to challenge and grow

This time, we have established an OES Business Cooperative Association based on the spirit of mutual support from different industries. The union’s motto is to “provide information trusted by union members and available for future development of new fields”, grasping diverse needs by questionnaire survey of all members, and from various angles We will start to examine business content, promote efficiency and IT promotion, and strengthen information transmission functions, and we intend to expand sales and services in a detailed manner. Directors and supervisors of the union are representatives of different industries. We would like to become a good partner for your work, and we hope you join as a Cooperative member.

OES leverages the strengths of four businesses.

▪ Seminar Business
Various seminars and study meetings are held for the purpose of becoming acquainted with the consulting business to the union member.

▪Inbound Consulting Business
In the inbound consulting business, an empty house, condominiums, etc. are reformed into Air bnb and simple lodging, and the consulting business of the approval application is done.

▪Support Program for  “Specified Skilled Worker”
We provide support services for short-term study abroad programs and employment for the acquisition of  “Specified Skilled Worker” qualifications.

▪Support Program for short-term study abroad Acceptance
We tie up with Japan Language School, university exam prep school, and aim and study at Japan universities and vocational schools at night time.